Falco Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise primarily focused on developing ES machines 
that includes lab setups, pilot production equipment, and mass-production machines. 
We are dedicated and cooperate with our customers to offer versatile, flexible and 
reliable solutions for design and fabrication of advanced ES units with high quality 
and cost-effectiveness. 

We not only manufacture and sell nanofiber production equipments, but provide 
maintenance and modification support for all our products. 
In addition, to help establish unique know-how of our customers, we offer research 
consultancy in the area of product development and commercialization by providing 
recipe/process parameters data bank.
As a professional and experienced electrospinning machine manufacturer, we provide 
ES-related accessories, like sheath-core spinneret, different types of collectors and 
spinnerets, and QA/QC equipments. 
We also help our customers for the design of laboratories and building a factory to 
mass produce nanofibers.